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In Vizcaino, Baja California Sur, we have the guard protected areas of the State of Baja California Sur. With the extension of 2,546,790 has to be wonderful and diverse ecosystems, since the wonder of deserts landscapes until the great dunes, various plant species (some endemic) and animals around us is part of the mystical and magical journey through our Peninsula.

Among the wonders of whom attend during their stay by our company is the majestic sighting of the whales, which takes place in the cold season over the year. The Gray Whale travels each year from the Bering Coast to Baja California Sur to the last days of October, in order to seek more warm waters to mate and have their babies. This wonderful spectacle of nature remains in the place until April.

One of the more pleasant for the villagers had been helping to nature, in a joint effort prevail to Berrendos, which in 1990 had only 125 Berrendos and an eminent danger of extinction, but the reproduction the Berrendos in captivity has been highly successful and is a source of pride.

These and other activities can be carried out more near of Vizcaino as part of a unique and wonderful travel into the magical Peninsula of Baja California Sur. We are waiting with open arms to enjoy a stay single.

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